Imagine a DEX…

…where you can store, buy, swap, and add liquidity securely.

Where you can just hold and swap your favorite tokens. A Dex that makes it easy to provide liquidity and earn returns on your crypto asset.

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Volant Digital

How it works

Volant Digital Swap

Create a Bitcoin & Crypto wallet that you control

Volant Digital wallet allow you to create a non-custodial bitcoin and crypto wallet that supports ERC20, Bep20, ERC20matic, Arbitrum, and Gnosis tokens.

Your crypto is protected with the most sophisticated security measure.

Volant Digital wallet

Where Crypto swap is easy

Swap any amount of tokens at the best rates.

Our swap engine gives you access to deep liquidity by aggregating liquidity from multiple DEXes across chains at low fees and zero slippage.

Volant Digital Dex

Provide liquidity across chains

Earn returns on your crypto assets by providing liquidity on multiple DEXes like Uniswap, Pancakeswap, and Quickswap – all from the Volant Digital app.

Optimize your trades across DEXes on multiple networks

Reliable DEX for Crypto Exchange

A next-generation DEX that offers capital efficiency to liquidity providers.

Low transaction fees and deep liquidity providing you the best swap rates.

Buy Bitcoin and crypto with your bank card using our partners Fiat gateway providers.

Volant Digital exchange

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